LISTEN: Prof Tulio shares why a fourth wave of COVID-19 is predicted in Dec/Jan

LISTEN: Prof Tulio shares why a fourth wave of COVID-19 is predicted in Dec/Jan

Whilst the positivity rate is low now, it might not be so later in the year. 


The last hour of the show on Wednesday mornings means we get to chat to Prof Tulio - one of the world's top virologists, virus-hunters, and bioinformaticians. He joins us every Wednesday to answer all your COVID-19 and vaccine-related questions with extensive experience and research done from KRISP at UKZN. 

This morning he shared some insightful information regarding the near future of South Africa's state in terms of COVID-19. 

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He answered questions about the massive spike in infections in the UK. People are curious whether the vaccine is not working or if it is the pandemic of the unvaccinated?

He shares that South Africa uses mask, social distance, and the vaccine, while the difference between us and the UK is that they are relying solely on the vaccine and that is the reason for the spike. Take a listen as he explains the repercussions of this on their country further. 

Another question that emerged read: "We haven’t heard of new variants. Have the mutations stopped, or are the new variants not of much concern?"

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Prof Tulio explains that the dominating variant globally right now is the Delta variant, whilst there are other really mild ones that had been discovered which are not much of a danger. 

A listener who is travelling overseas soon for the next three months received the Pfizer vaccines. Her worry has been whether this vaccine would be deemed valid in this other country and whether she would be able to update her vaccine certificate there. He explains the process step by step. 

Keri Miller then asked the highlight question this morning: 

"Does the data at this stage suggest we might be heading into a fourth wave in December?"

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South Africa's infections are really low and the positivity rate is also low right now. 

He shares that his colleagues are predicting a fourth wave in December and early January. 

Take a listen to the reasons: 

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We still urge South Africans to stay safe and masked at all times. 


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