LISTEN: People are still embarrassed to buy these items in the shops...

LISTEN: People are still embarrassed to buy these items in the shops...

Is there any reason to feel like you cannot walk around with certain items in the shop? 

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No matter what age you are, there are just some items you feel awkward buying from the store. For some reason you suddenly feel like everyone is staring at you. But why? 

For Darren's daughter, Mouse, it used to be toilet paper. She just could not make it all the way to the till with the heaps of toilet paper in their trolley. 

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Luckily that has changed now! 

The real question becomes why are we so embarrassed and shy to buy things that are so normal. How is one supposed to be certain about their pregnancy without the pregnancy test? Babies are loved by everyone everywhere but the moment you have to walk to the till with a pregnancy test, it looks 'weird'. 

Another item which people feel awkward buying is underwear. It is literally part of our clothing, why does it have to embarrass us? 

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Regardless of whether or not people are staring or not, we need to train our minds to not stress and fret about buying normal things. 

On Friday Keri Miller turned really pink when a gift came in for her - she had no reason to feel embarrassed. 

Find out what it was here: 

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We honestly need to just get out of our heads and just buy whatever without feeling like we are being watched. 

It would not be in the stores if it was not a necessity! 


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