VIDEO: Lash tech's car set on fire after customer fails to secure an appointment

VIDEO: Lash tech's car set on fire after customer fails to secure an appointment

An unhappy customer decided to lash out on her technician...

Lash tech's car set on fire
Lash tech's car set on fire/ TikTok

Booking an appointment with your beautician can be tough at times. When having to consider two schedules, it is a tricky situation if you lose your booking for the month. 

However, one woman took it too far after she allegedly set her eyelash technician's car alight due to her dissatisfaction of not being able to get a booking.

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A video shared by The Daily Mail has gone viral after this incident was captured. Take a look at how @lashedbycella had her private property damaged by an irate customer: 

@dailymail A woman is being accused of setting her lash tech’s car on FIRE after failing to secure an appointment. In an alleged text exchange between the two women, the lash tech tells the customer she is fully booked, causing the customer to become irate and call her names. 🎥 Instagram / lashedbycella #lashes #lashtech #fire #chicago ♬ A mysterious scene of the near future like Blade Runner(994826) - The Structures

This video has blown up on social media and sparked a debate surrounding how you react when trying to secure a booking with a beautician. 

The verdict is in, what this woman did was "crazy". Take a look at how the internet chimed in on this matter:

  • "Jail time over a lash appointment is beyond me."
  • "As a nail technician, this is genuinely horrifying."
  • "Did she try maybe...getting a different lash technician?"
  • "People have LOST their minds"
  • "I go crazy when my lashes are falling off but this is beyond ridiculous!"

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Let this video be a lesson in how we handle challenges. It is important to remain composed and remember that there are alternative options when you cannot secure a booking.  


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