The Kiffness and Max Hurrell team up for 'Tough Times Never Last' remix

The Kiffness and Max Hurrell team up for 'Tough Times Never Last' remix

'When people Zol', these are the kind of parody songs they create...

'Tough time never last' song
Screenshot from Spotify

2020 has been a tough year, and even though a viral video by Demi Demi reassures us that 'tough time never last,' these are lasting. 

'Tough Time Never Last‘ was released by the motivational speaker, aka Baba Musia, and became a mantra for many South Africans. But, The Kiffness — real name David Scott — and Max Hurrell have now put their own twist on it.

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You may remember Hurrell as the artist behind 'Zol' - a parody song where he used a snippet from a speech by Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma regarding the banning of cigarettes during the lockdown. The Kiffness has also been entertaining the country with his parody songs for some years.

In this collaboration, the two producers go back and forth; dissing each other when Demi Demi intervenes, "Remember what Demi Demi said: Tough time never last”.

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Watch below:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot from Spotify

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