Top of the class with Sky Tshabalala

Top of the class with Sky Tshabalala

Good day class, this is your teacher Sky here. I know you're all eager students of 'Khuluma Nathi' - so I wanted to recap the week's phrases. Darren Maule questioned my teaching ability this week, so I had to put him in his place, but he's a pretty good student otherwise.

Khuluma Nathi with Sky Tshabalala

Given that this weekend is the Durban July (virtual event) we learnt a very topical phrase related to it. Here's how to say:  'This weekend is the BIG horse race in Durban'. Listen below (and please excuse the horsing around from Darren and Keri!).

With the ban on alcohol sales, we've got another important phrase for you to try out given that the grown up's options are limited.  Below, learn how to say 'Where can I find milk?' in isiZulu. And it even applies to those new blue bottles!

Finally, I'm going to throw in another handy phrase. This one is useful all year round, but especially in winter. It's how to say: 'It is cold. Don't forget to wear your jersey!' in isiZulu. Click below for that episode.

Please practice all your isiZulu phrases and let the team know how you're getting on in the comments below!

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