Consumerwatch: KZN asks Wendy Knowler

Why are the Clover milk bottles suddenly blue?

What is up with all these blue Clover milk bottles? ECR Consumerwatch's Wendy Knowler sheds light on the topic - as well as on other questions asked in our latest round of Consumerwatch Q&A, live on Darren, Keri & Sky.

Clover blue milk bottles

In the latest ECR Consumerwatch, Wendy Knowler took your calls on various issues, ranging from school fee reductions under lockdown to Clover's blue milk bottles to lockdown returns policies around clothing.

Take a listen below.

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Issue 1:

During this economically challenging period that the country and world is facing, many employees have had to accept pay cuts. One such person is a parent who called in to explain that she is currently paying exorbitant fees at her child's school (even with current lockdown regulations which require some children to stay at home) but she is not getting the promised services from the school.

"For a school to demand full school fees is not okay," Wendy responded. She suggested that the school and parent come together to plan how both parties will move ahead. An option would be for the school to request proof of income or a bank statement, from the parent, to see that her salary has indeed been cut and then come up with a mutually beneficial solution.

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Issue 2:  What is happening with blue cartons of milk?

Issue 3: With events and social gatherings being canceled, what happens if your event organizer retains your deposit for an event you had booked?

Issue 4: Are clothing stores allowed to deny customers the option of returning items even when the new policy of not fitting clothing items has been put into place?

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