Keri's Couch: Monique Altson on how you could be enjoying your home-grown veggies

Keri's Couch: Monique Altson on how you could be enjoying your home-grown veggies

FUN FACT: Watching David Attenborough doing a forest walk on a documentary was her 'aha' moment. That was when she knew that she wanted to learn more about plants.

Keri and Monique

Durban-born Monique Altson, the lady with the green fingers behind Keri's garden, is passionate about making your garden colourful and bright.

"I studied Horticulture at DIT, now called DUT, and completed that in 2004. I started a career at a nursery in Westville and after gaining some experience I left to start my own business. I then left to go to the USA and also did landscaping there for four years. When we came back home I worked for a landscaping company for a few years and then again went on my own. This is my absolute passion and I wouldn’t have it any other way," Altson explains.

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With spring in full swing, Keri and Monique discussed ways that one can be a little more self-sufficient when it comes to growing their vegetables, plants one can plant in the garden that the monkeys won't eat, and whether planting herbs inside is a smart idea.

The best part about Altson's advice is that if you start planting your vegetables and herbs now, you could be enjoying the vegetables (read fruit) of your labour from as early as November. 

Listen to the full interview below.

Another landscape done and dusted! I’m so happy how this all worked out. I will have to add more pics next week as there is a stunning mural in the making and a bit more wall to be painted.

Posted by MDMB Landscapes on Thursday, 20 August 2020

For more of Monique Altson's work, visit her Facebok page.

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