Keri's Couch: A conversation with Hayley Nixon

Keri's Couch: A conversation with Hayley Nixon

Hayley Nixon has been crowned the Momentum Athlete of the Year 2020 - and Keri got couch comfy to chat to her. 

Haley Nixon
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Hayley Nixon is a world surf ski champion and from KZN, too! 

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Born in Durban and the youngest of four siblings. Hailing from a very sporty family, it's no wonder the sporting world became her true calling. 

She attended Rhodes University, which has a phenomenally active rowing squad. Hayley then took on rowing for ten years. This led to her rowing at the University of Pretoria. She is not only an athlete but an academic as well and has earned herself two honours degrees; one in Sports Science and the other in Biokinetics. 

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The two ladies continued to chat about women in sport and the inequality between men and women in the sporting community. 

Listen to the full interview below: 

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