Keri's Couch: How is your diet increasing your risk of breast cancer?

Keri's Couch: How is your diet increasing your risk of breast cancer?

Trained dietician and founder of 'Newtricion Wellness Dietician', Omy Naidoo, joins Keri on her couch for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to discuss dietary choices that are carcinogenic.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and while no one food can prevent or cause cancer, our dietary choices can play a role in reducing our risk of developing breast cancer.

According to Omy Naidoo, we as South Africans tend to have too much red meat.

"The problem with red meat and cancer (especially breast cancer) it's been shown to increase the incidence of breast cancer, it increases a person's estrogen levels and then that increases what we call the person's carcinogenic effect - which means the cancer development," he explains.

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Naidoo further highlights that while eating red meat is not the main problem, one has to look at whether the meat is processed or not, the portion sizes, and, of course, how the meat is prepared, including the heat it is prepared under. 

Listen to the podcast to find out how you can adjust your diet and lifestyle to lower the risk of developing breast cancer, as well as foods to speed up recovery and treatment.

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