Keri's Couch: "He turned to my mother and then..." - Taryn Newport

Keri's Couch: "He turned to my mother and then..." - Taryn Newport

On the night of 24 February 2020, Trish Taylor was murdered in her home and her family was left feeling absolutely devastated.

Taryn and Trish

Losing a loved one is a whole other level of heartbreak.

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Whether it's a friend or family member, the pain and grief caused can sometimes be unbearable and it isn't something anyone can just ignore and get over easily.

While you might be able to learn how to cope with the grief and the sadness, it is definitely something that stays with you for the rest of your life.

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No cause of death is more painless than another.

That being said, having your own mother ripped away from you when you thought you would be spending many more years together can cause pain like no other.

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There's no time to say goodbye, to hear your mother's final words, or feel her touch one last time.

All because of a random act of senseless violence.

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That is exactly what happened to Taryn Newport, whose mother Trish, was murdered in her own home last year.

She wasn't ill or on her deathbed, she was at home on a Monday night, spending some time with a close friend when she was shot and killed.

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Few of us can even try to comprehend the amount of sadness her family must have felt after hearing the news.

Today, Taryn shares her mother's story.

More than that, she also tells the tale of how she dealt with the grief, which eventually led her on a new journey where she used her own feelings and fears to help others and become part of a courageous community called, Fight Like A Girl.

So have your tissues on standby and take a listen to the full podcast below:

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