Proudly SA children's book focuses on 'positivity'

Proudly SA children's book focuses on 'positivity'

Zinhle T. Matthews has written a children's book that focuses on positive affirmations for kids - a proudly South African initiative called, My Family of Superheroes.

Proudly SA Children's Book focuses on 'positivity'

We all know what the power of positive thinking can do for us, it can literally be life-changing. So when we hear about a book that focuses on uplifting children and teaching them about the power of positive thinking, coupled with the fact that it is South African, we are left completely and utterly excited. 

Zinhle T. Matthews, a mother of two from Johannesburg, said that she always knew that part of her purpose was to inspire the youth. 

"Every child, irrespective of gender or race, will find themselves in situations that test their self-confidence and courage,” says author Zinhle T. Matthews to

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if they had a fool proof, lifelong tool to use in these circumstances? A potent mantra which could lift them above self-doubt and fear into a position of power, well equipped to take on the world – and win!”

Her beautifully illustrated book is called, 'My Family of Superheroes', and tells the story of Precious, who is inspired by her mother to use positive affirmations to overcome her insecurities and doubts. 

“It wasn’t at all about me, but about the power that is inside each of us. We all have the ability to connect to this power to make us whole and to achieve the impossible. That is what inspired me to write MY FAMILY OF SUPERHEROES,” she says.

The book is set to release on the 24th of May 2021 - will you be looking out for it? 

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