This Instagram hacking trend has been terrorising multiple accounts

This Instagram hacking trend has been terrorising multiple accounts

Ever heard of cyber-kidnapping? This is it.

Instagram hackers trading

The most terrifying thing that could happen to a content creator is to lose their social media account. You make your income through sharing videos on Instagram or Facebook with all these followers that you have worked so hard gather. 

But now here comes this strange trading company that takes over your account...

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Some take years to build a community on social media and some might buy the followers; the numbers are almost always the reason one would get a gig or a campaign. So losing your Instagram account and other social media accounts by a scam is hurtful and probably traumatising. 

This is what you would experience: 

1. You get logged out of your account. You will see 'Time out' or 'Session ended' or 'You have logged out'.

2. You will then try to retain your account by trying to reset your password but they will have their email address or their phone number in place to get the link for resetting. 

3. You are then logged out permanently from your account. 

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There are so many people on TikTok who have shared their stories of getting hacked. There has also been a growing trend in South Africa. This is what it would look like. 

The account takes over your Instagram account or asks that you post something about them on your social media. They also ask that you send a certain amount of money to get your account back.

Have a look:

Instagram scam hacker WhatsApp

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You are then scared by then so you do as you are told. You will see a post like this by the hacker or sometimes, you post this to just try get your account back. 

Instagram hacker message false

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This is a trend that has unfortunately been done to people by sending you a random link for you to click. 

So, you really cannot run away from it because whether or not you click the link, the hacking is possible. 

How to try get your account back ASAP:

1. You should act as fast as you can by trying to change your password 

2. If it keeps adding a false password, you should continue trying to get your account back.

3. All of this should be done as fast as possible. 

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Unfortunately, after you have tried all you can to attempt to retrieve your account and you fail, you have no choice but to forfeit and start reporting the account. 

You also alert your followers that you are not behind the account anymore and they should also report the account. 

Other followers recommend you always have a two-factor authentication. 

This is a horrible thing to experience and we hope that eventually Instagram will have tighter security.



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