INFOGRAPHIC: Find out the truth about time spent on Facebook

INFOGRAPHIC: Find out the truth about time spent on Facebook

Is the social media platform still as big as it was?


Research results from one of Facebook's powerful chief executives, Chris Cox, revealed what has not been talked about enough. 

Charts and data indicated that 'the world's biggest social media platform' was losing popularity. (BusinessTech)

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This does not necessarily come as a surprise to us, as Instagram has grown quite popular in the past few years and currently TikTok seems to have everyone's attention. 

The youth is taking longer to sign up on the social media platform and teenagers simply don't seem interested. 

In the past, people born before 2000 had created a Facebook account by age 19 or 20, the research revealed. But now it is a totally different story. 

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An analytical look at the documents indicated the years-long decline in growth metrics for key user groups. These are the teens and young adults in the US and varying countries. 

This infographic (BusinessTech) paints a clearer picture of the stats: 

Facebook stats

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Some of the internal reports indicate this exclusive information:

  • Fewer teens are signing up.
  • Young people spend less time on the service.
  • Many new teen accounts are duplicates, rather than unique new users.
  • Users across age groups are create fewer posts
  • Facebook employees don’t fully understand why these trends are happening or why product changes have failed to reverse them.

This is showing that Facebook was down 16% year-over-year, and that young adults were spending 5% less time on the social network.

So, who has taken the forefront as the biggest social platform for you? 



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