"What is the difference between the J&J and Pfizer vaccines?"

"What is the difference between the J&J and Pfizer vaccines?"

These are the two vaccines available in South Africa. 


Wednesdays on Darren, Keri, and Sky mean one thing: Prof. Túlio De Oliveira from KRISP at UKZN joins us on the show. He is one of the world’s top virologists, virus hunters, and bioinformaticians. He is world-renowned, having appeared on CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera, sharing information regarding COVID-19 and the vaccine.

He will be answering questions and thoughts that are COVID-19 and vaccine related. He also clears up any confusion that might have existed among any of our listeners regarding these two significant topics.

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Right after getting your vaccine, some of you might have feel ill. For some, it even feels as if you might actually have COVID-19. Prof Tulio shares that there definitely will be extremely mild side effects after getting your jab. He further explains that this is a result of the disease to fight the various variants. There is a particular cause to these more intense side effects. He breaks it down in the podcast below.

If you have been wondering what the spike protein is, one guaranteed fact about it is that it is found in all the vaccines. He elaborates on its effectiveness and its role in the vaccines. 

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Since more and more South Africans journey to get vaccinated, the question that probably rings in everyone's head en route to the vaccination site is: "The Johnson & Johnson vaccine or the Pfizer vaccine?"

Prof Tulio makes sure to clearly state the main difference between the two vaccines and if there is one that yields better results than the other. 

He answers all these in the podcast below. Take a listen: 

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