Horror moment when a snake eats another snake!

Horror moment when a snake eats another snake!

A snake eating another snake isn't something you see every day, which makes it terrifying, yet intriguing enough to want to watch.

snakes eating each other
Screenshot: YouTube: Multimedia Live

The incident, which took place on 24 May 2019, in Bangalore, Karnataka, saw two men watch in awe as a snake ate another snake. In the video, the two snakes - one known as a banded krait and the other as a Russell's viper, were seen moving across a road.

When the krait attacks the viper and sinks its fangs in, the viper tries to escape by attacking the krait. Unfortunately, the viper's attempt to escape fails and it is slowly devoured by the krait.

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According to Oceana, banded sea kraits are active predators that specialise in hunting eels, which they are able to locate by snaking through crevices and cracks in the reef. They paralyse their prey with powerful venom and swallow it whole. Sea birds, sharks, and some bony fish feed on banded sea krait. Other predators follow banded sea kraits and attack any small fish that the snakes scare out of the reef while hunting for eels. Like all snakes, this species reproduces through internal fertilisation.

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According to Britannica, the Viper belongs to a family of more than 200 species of venomous snakes. It is found from India to Taiwan and Java, most often in an open area. It is a major cause of snakebite deaths within its range because it often exists in farmlands where human contact and rodent prey are abundant. The viper grows to a maximum of about 1.5 m (5 feet) and is marked with three rows of reddish-brown spots outlined in black and white.

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See the incredible video here: 

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