Phoenix woman admits she loves getting massages from her pet snake

Phoenix woman admits she loves getting massages from her pet snake

“I give her a lot of affection and love, and I somehow feel she can do the same…”

Shawnoa Moonsamy and her pet snake, Pyper

Shawnoa Moonsamy and her fiancé Neelan Govender from Phoenix love keeping snakes as pets.

 “The interest in snakes just recently began with me, however, my fiancé Neelan loves snakes. He decided that we should get a pet. At first, I thought maybe a bird or tortoise but when he suggested a snake, I was not too keen about it,” says Shawnoa.  

“It took me about two months to learn how to care and handle a ball python. Once the basic stuff was learnt, we decided to look for a breeder and that's how we have Pyper,” she adds. 

The couple says they keep Pyper locked up in a tank, and only remove her when it is safe to do so. Them keeping a snake in their house has attracted a lot of attention from their loved ones, even resulting in some people avoiding a visit. 

“It takes time to adapt and get used to coming over knowing there's a snake in the house. Previously my mum would never come over to visit and this is her biggest phobia, but she has gotten used to the fact knowing that Pyper is in a tank and cannot come out on her own,” says Shawnoa.  

“Most of our family and friends are really scared of coming over to our place due to the fact that we have a ball python. But once you in the house, you can see that she's in a tank all to herself."  

Neelan Govender with Pyper

Shawnoa and her fiancé enjoy getting massages from Pyper.  

“So getting a massage from Pyper was really, really intense the first time, I really did not know what to expect as I was more anxious than anything,” recalls Shawnoa.

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“I was actually laying on the couch when my fiancé decided to put Pyper over my back, as she began to slither it felt quite nice like a massage, so I laid on the couch as she slithered up and down my body. The next day I decided to put her around my neck, this was really scary as I thought I might get choked but her movement was very subtle and soothing."

Shawnoa Moonsamy with Pyper

“Pyper has been one of the most amazing and beautiful pets that I've ever had. She's quite unique as most would say after watching her videos, she's a bit of a dancer, watches TV and gives kisses... I give her a lot of affection and love, and I somehow feel she can do the same. She's more than just my pet, she's my baby,” says Shawnoa. 

Although she recommends others get snake massages, she says it is important to learn about safety.  

“When choosing a snake as a pet, ensure that it's a constrictor - non-venomous. The only thing to fear is being bitten by a pet snake, which is not really painful at all. As you handle your snake it becomes more calm and chilled knowing that humans are okay and there's nothing to be afraid of. We always ensure that her tank is locked and we allow kids to hold Pyper under our supervision."

Pyper on the move

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