Here’s an easy way to revive your non-stick pan using salt

Here’s an easy way to revive your non-stick pan using salt

A woman has shared how she managed to restore her old frying pan with this cheap hack.

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While non-stick pans have proven to be a life-saver in the kitchen, their coating doesn’t last very long, which can make them incredibly hard to clean after a year or two of use. However, one woman has shared a genius kitchen hack that is both cheap and super effective.

Sophie Louise is a mom who shares handy household cleaning tips on TikTok under the username @s_lou92. While she has shared many incredible tips and tricks on the page, her frying pan hack has proven to be her most popular video yet.

"Have you got a frying pan that's meant to be non-stick but it sticks now?” Sophie says in the clip before showing off her hack.

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Sophie then goes on to show viewers that to get a non-stick coating back on a pan, one should simply using some dishwashing liquid and a soft sponge, giving the pan a wash and thorough dry, before putting it on the stove at a high heat. She covers the pan with an even layer of table salt until it starts looking a little bit like brown sugar.

After a few minutes on the hob, Sophie tips the salt down the drain and wipes the pan with a damp kitchen cloth to wipe away the excess salt.


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To show just how effective the hack is, Sophie goes on to fry an egg on the pan. “This frying pan used to stick before this and you will see that now it won’t!" she says in the clip before pouring in some oil and cracking an egg into the pan – which, as she expected, does not stick.

Sophie explains that this hack works best on cast iron pans but will work on any pan that used to have a non-stick coating on it.

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One user explains that the hack works because “the salt removes the impurities on the surface of the pan... lots of chefs use this technique too."

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