Here are some tips to avoid overspending this festive

Here are some tips to avoid overspending this festive season

You don't want to see a bad Janu-WORRY! 

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The last thing anyone needs is to regret their decisions from the festive season. You can actually avoid all of this drama by setting boundaries and limits to how you spend your money this December. 

Everyone is back home, so spending is likely to increase. 

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After the Black Friday statistics came back, the top categories during the sales were groceries, clothing, transport, and entertainment, and FNB Money Management predicted these could continue as the top categories in the coming weeks, according to TimesLIVE.

Esther Ochse also shared that you simply have to have a plan in order for everything you need to spend on. You then decide how much you will give to each item in their respective categories. 

What is the most important thing here - the most difficult? 

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One has to be realistic with this budget. 

She continues: “Ideally this money should come from savings, a bonus or 13th cheque.”

A trick that could work well is shopping online - you're more likely to spend less. 

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“Rule of thumb is 80/20 — 80% of the money to pay off debt, save for an emergency or cover January expenses such as school fees. Then spoil yourself with 20% of the money or use that for the festive season,” she said.

If you got paid on the 15th of December, then you still have a long month ahead of you. You need to have emergency funds available.

Another ideal thing is to put your entertainment money aside until you really need it. 

Ochse urged consumers to use credit cards carefully and advised them to clear the outstanding balance in full at the end of each month and not just pay the minimum amount. 

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We definitely feel that this advice should be bookmarked! 

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