WATCH: When you spend R4,500 on a haircut that makes you cry...

WATCH: When you spend R4,500 on a haircut that makes you cry...

When there's no turning back...

WATCH: When you spend R4500 on a haircut that makes you cry...
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We can all agree that when we are having a bad hair day, it literally can determine our mood. So when it comes to caring for your mane, it's high up on the priority list. It literally is a woman's crown. 

Even if you are in your pajamas, but your hair looks good, then you automatically feel good. It's a fact of life for most people, even for guys. But what happens when you go out for a treat and find that you looked better off before the salon visit? 

A woman shared her unhappiness about her new hairstyle after paying $300 (around R4,500) for her new hairstyle. She is seen crying hysterically in her car in a video she posted to her TikTok account. 

It got us thinking: why is it that we cannot be fully expressive of what it is we want when we go to a salon? Many people are afraid to speak up with hairdressers. On the other hand, there are some hairdressers who don't listen and do their own thing. This is a problem. What you think will look good and what your client wants may not coincide...

Sometimes trying new things out with your hair can backfire and may not work out for you as it did your friend. That is why when you find your person, your hair person, you stick to them. But not everyone has the same experience. 

We really feel for this woman. You can see she is really cut up about the way her hair turned out. But at what point did she realise she didn't like it, when it was already done or did she not see what the hairdresser was doing?

Check out the video below (not for sensitive viewers - courtesy of TikTok):


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