Helpful tips for driving in heavy rain and hail

Helpful tips for driving in heavy rain and hail

With the recent wet weather, we could do with some safety tips. 

Hail pours

Farmers are definitely happy to receive the rain as crops and food grow for both the family or business and the animals. But on the roads it gets quite difficult when driving while its raining, especially at night or in a misty situation. 

For everyone's safety this summer, we share a few tips you will find handy for stormy days: 

1. You can wait until the weather improve before heading on the roads.

Darren Maule shared last year that it is better to arrive late and alive. 

2. If you are caught in an extremely heavy storm, try and find cover

You are likely to be unable to see properly in such a situation, so it is advisable you protest yourself and your car.  

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3. Wind creates additional problems for drivers as it reduces steering control

Try not to overtake or speed as much as you would without the rain or the hail 

4. Keep a safe following distance 

You may need to be brake or the person before may just do so abruptly. It is safer for you to be further than usual. 

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5. Keep your headlights on

When it rains, it gets really dark. It is advisable to switch your lights on. Sometimes having your hazard lights on is even better. 

Arrive Alive shared a video last year for safety during with rainy situations. You can also learn a lot from here. 

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We hope that you found those helpful and stay safe. 

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