This hack lets you unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask

This hack lets you unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask

FaceID has proven to be incredibly frustrating during the coronavirus pandemic – but one TikToker shares Apple’s latest trick.

TikTok Face Mask Hack

As the world continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic, the wearing of masks remains mandatory in most countries around the world while in public spaces. This has proven to be incredibly annoying for iPhone users who have relied on FaceID to unlock their phones. Now, Apple has launched an exciting new feature that finally lets you unlock your phone while wearing a mask.

In the video shared on TikTok, Sam, known as @wavyy.bvby on the app, has shared a video indicating just how she got around the issue.

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Sam, who has racked up thousands of followers thanks to her nifty tech hacks, shares that you need to go to FaceID and password in your Apple settings. Then, click on the button that says 'Set Up an Alternative Appearance'. She says that it will then take you to a screen that explains how to set up FaceID.

"First position your face in the camera frame. Then move your head in a circle to show all angles of your face," she says. Sam explains that iPhone users should do this with their face mask off at first, then again with your mask on and complete the process.


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The camera recognises that Sam's face is obstructed and urges her to remove anything that may be covering it, but after a short moment, the process is complete.

Sam explains that the process should be repeated a second time and then you are ready to go.

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"Thanks for sharing. I work in healthcare and it's a pain typing in my passcode with a mask on," one user commented.

However, others revealed that changing a face mask has an impact on the effectiveness of the hack. "I can't do that cuz I be using different masks n losing em," another user commented. A third added: "I tried this with my iPhone 12 and it keeps telling me that my face is obscured and to remove whatever is in front of my face."

Image courtesy: TikTok

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