Would you ever serve pasta this way at your next dinner party?

Would you ever serve pasta this way at your next dinner party?

While some rave about this extraordinary pasta buffet, others say their Italian ancestors are rolling in their graves.

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These days, while most of us try and remain indoors as much as possible, getting creative with food has become a way for many to express themselves. Recipes go viral on apps such as TikTok and people are pushing boundaries in the way we consume food. However, the latest foodie trend has the internet divided.

After a woman shared a video of her entire spaghetti-and-meatball dinner feast spread out and served on her kitchen counter, a whole lot of praise and outrage has been thrown at her.

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Captioned “ULTIMATE SPAGHETTI TRICK!!” the video was originally posted on the Josh and Lisa Facebook page. The satirical page is run by a couple who enjoy poking fun at influencers and often post ridiculous food ideas and recipes to get a reaction from their followers.

In the video, Lisa is seen spreading the red Prego spaghetti sauce onto her white kitchen counter before adding cooked meatballs onto the sauce. Lisa then brings out a hug box of powdered parmesan cheese and goes on to throws in a heavy dose of the cheese on top of the dish.

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Finally, Lisa gets a massive pot of cooked spaghetti and throws it all over the sauce. Lisa then goes on to take two wooden spoons and gives the dish a mix. “All my friends are coming over and this is the easiest way to make spaghetti for a crowd,” Lisa says in the clip. “And it’s fun. It’s right in front of you and you don’t need to worry about dishes.”

The video has certainly triggered social media users around the world. Some are praising the dish claiming that it could form part of a new “mess fetish” trend while others were shocked and hoped that Lisa only created this dish for some clickbait.


“I've never seen an Italian make dinner in this manner nor do they use cold sauce from a jar,” one user commented. Another added “Someone on TikTok said this might be a mess fetish of some kind because of the male gaze and the sultry voice and honestly my life hasn't been the same since.”

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