Babez Naidoo shares Rasam (King Soup) recipe with us

Babez Naidoo shares Rasam (King Soup) recipe with us

Spicy, tangy, and just delicious! This recipe will warm you up from the inside, tantalise your tastebuds, and have you feeling better if you are struggling with a cold.

Babez Naidoo - King Soup
Supplied, Babez Naidoo

Whether you call it Russo, Rasam or King Soup, this hearty recipe has been known to chase the bothersome flu away. Thanks to Babez Naidoo, this hot cup of goodness might be just what you need. 

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According to Indian Express, rasam's tangy flavour helps to clean out your respiratory tract, and the curry leaves in it help you deal with flu-like symptoms. Curry leaves, tamarind extract, turmeric powder, red pepper, and mustard seeds also have several health benefits if you are prone to a cold and cough.

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1 tsp jeera seeds 

1 tsp dhania seeds 

1 tsp  mustard seeds 

1/2 tsp black peppercorns

Grind the above in a coffee grinder 

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5 cloves of garlic 

2 tomatoes 

A handful of dhania (coriander) 

Liquidise all three ingredients 

3 Tbsp tamarind mixed with a litre and a half water 

4 Tbsp oil 

1 onion chopped 

4 to 5 green or dry chillies 

1/2 tsp  turmeric powder 

Salt to taste 

Handful chopped dhania to garnish 


In a pot, add oil and fry onions and chillies until translucent. Bring down the heat and add turmeric powder and the ground spices and simmer for a minute. Add the liquidised mixture and cook for five minutes on medium to low heat. Add the tamarind water and salt to taste, bring the heat up and boil for three minutes. Switch off the stove and garnish with dhania. 

Serve while hot!

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