Get ready to pay more for taxis

Get ready to pay more for your taxi ride

With petrol going up, the public will now need to fork out more money to travel in taxis...

South Africa to get first electric taxis
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The South Africans who make use of taxis to travel are in for a bit of a shock.

It isn't really a surprise, though, as everything is spiking in price around us, mainly down the ever-increasing petrol price.

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The increase in taxi fare will be official from 1 July. It hasn't been reported as to how much the fare will go up by.

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Santaco’s KwaZulu-Natal manager Sifiso Shangase revealed the news.

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"Santaco National Executive Committee is set for a meeting and will discuss the hot matter of the petrol price crises in the taxi industry,” Sifiso said.

Again, this has been coming, but it will still be a shock to the system when it is implemented.


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The crude oil prices have taken an upward curve due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with some talk that the price may stay at record highs until the war is over... if not for longer. 

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There have been efforts to reduce some of the financial stress felt by people across the country, with the state cutting some of the levies that contribute to the final pump price that a normal consumer pays. However, this is not a permanent solution.

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