All options on table to combat high fuel price, says Mantashe

All options on table to combat high fuel price, says Mantashe

Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe says oil exploration is necessary as one of the means to reduce the fuel price in the country. 

Gwede Mantashe briefing on state capture report March 2022

"It allows exploration of gas and oil in our land, there's plenty of it and if every time we are taken to court because we are doing exploration. 

 "We must get the support of the country and parties because all that was discovered in Namibia stretched into the Northern Cape side so they are likely to produce oil in the near future provided we go through our court cases."

Mantashe was speaking at the National Assembly on Wednesday, where a debate on the skyrocketing fuel prices took place.

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He said another sustainable solution to the fuel price situation is the end of the conflict in Europe. 


"Countries should be reminded that the economic war that they've unleashed will impact South Africa and countries like ours. if NATO wants to extend to Ukraine and squeeze Russia, they going to lose an eye so let us not be simplistic about our analysis, let us be scientific."

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