Food parcels donations this weekend by SANTACO KZN and Airlink

Food parcel donations this weekend by SANTACO KZN and Airlink

The KZN South African National Taxi Council in collaboration with flight company, Airlink and Supa Mama will make a difference in the community this weekend

Taxi protest in Durban cleared after blockade
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The South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) have taken a stand to prevent looting in malls and shopping centres that have not been affected by KZN protests. They have also recently implemented a programme that cleans the areas of KZN that have been left in a shambles following the horrifying looting and violent protests this week. 

We had the chance to talk to KZN Regional Manager and Taxi Operator, Sifiso Shangase, this morning. He shares the effects that the looting and destruction of malls directly has on their livelihood and the taxi industry. 

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The employees of the various stores at the malls make use of taxis to get to work; the same can be said about the consumers and families who use public transport to get their monthly groceries from bigger shopping centres. He also shares that without the operations of their taxis, some might get their vehicles repossessed as they were still paying off their vehicles. There is so much more that they lose as family men and women and as business owners. 

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In entering the city and cleaning up, he shares that this comes across as a form of mind game which will make the looters weakened. 

Among the multiple changes that the organisation is implementing in different parts of the province already, they have a plan with Airlink on Sunday, July 18 to share and provide families in need with food parcels in Pietermaritzburg. 

On that day, they will also be doing more activities which will act as an opening to rebuilding the KZN province. 

Here is how to join and reach them this week: 

They are definitely doing great work for the community and we are calling on everyone to do their little bit in rebuilding our beautiful province. 

Their initiative was heard on-air by Supa Mama and the company called in to share refuse bags to use during their clean ups initiative. 

Business Watch reports on the huge donation that the woman in waste initiative made towards the clean up coming this weekend. 

Take a listen here: 

Have a look at the help Supa Mama provide for the community in collaboration with SANTACO KZN:

Supa Mama

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