FlySafair adds more flights to aid need in Durban

FlySafair adds more flights to help Durban

Durban citizens don't have to worry about flights. 

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Due to the ongoing situation in KwaZulu-Natal, FlySafair have committed to sending essential supplies to the province over the coming days. In addition, there will be an increase of flights departing KwaZulu-Natal for other hubs.

The effects of this week’s violence have been devastating and KwaZulu-Natal is presently facing a number of challenges relating to supply chain constraints and limitations on the movement of goods and people. This has prompted low-cost airline FlySafair to schedule additional flights into Durban from Friday to Monday this week, and to assist with transportation of much needed supplies into the region.

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“Demand for air travel overall is still deeply depressed, but there is clearly a need for additional capacity for both cargo and passenger seats into and out of KZN this week,” says Kirby Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer at FlySafair.

He continues: “There’s also a lot of demand for seats for people looking to leave the area, particularly to head to Cape Town. Bookings on this route have been very last minute, and via our contact centre we’ve learned that a lot of people are flying elderly relatives and other vulnerable people out of the province until things calm down a bit.”

We got in touch with Kirby Gordon earlier this morning as he clearly described the services they are offering to people during this time of need. Take a listen: 

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Like he shared in the podcast, they have some limited capacity in the belly of the aircraft to carry cargo into the province. The staff have all contributed to helping people in the area and they are assisting various other charitable groups in moving required goods and services, including essential things like food, medical provisions, and yeast to secure bread supplies.

Efforts to move goods are being coordinated through central charitable organisations with capacity to collect items on the one end and securely deliver them to those in need within KwaZulu-Natal.

So, if you are a business looking to transport your goods, you know where to look. This applies to anyone who is looking to get out of the province for a little while to catch some air and be free - FlySafair has enough seats for everyone. 


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