FlySafair adopts zero tolerance re mask dodgers

FlySafair adopts zero tolerance re mask dodgers

FlySafair has adopted a zero tolerance policy regarding mask dodgers on its flights from this week. This after Wendy Knowler raised the issue after experiencing, first-hand, cases on recent flights in which passengers were not fully compliant. She’d also received numerous complaints about it from other passengers. Wendy takes up the story…

FlySafair adopts zero tolerance re mask dodgers
Wendy Knowler

“On a recent flight to Durban, I sat next to a man who used a buff as a mask, as many do, but for most of the two-hour flight he had it around his neck or pulled up only over his mouth, and when he saw a cabin attendant approaching he’d surreptitiously pull it all the way up as it should be.

“Finally I tackled him about it, and he completely blanked me. As we landed he pulled it right off and then had a long conversation on his phone, about half a metre away from my face.

“Yes, I know we are all over the mask wearing and the restrictions, and we’re longing to get our lives back, but I also know that many countries to the north of us are reverting back to harder lockdown restrictions since everyone relaxed, had lovely summer holidays and then the infection rates began to soar again, especially in Spain, France and Italy.”

So what is FlySafair doing about this issue? A lot!  Listen to the details in the latest ECR Consumerwatch below.

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