Flight attendant shares the most annoying mistakes people make while travelling

Flight attendant shares the most annoying mistakes people make while travelling

Flight attendant Kat Kamalani shares some important tips for travellers – including what not to do while travelling.

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While travelling remains one of the most euphoric experiences, the travelling process is often incredibly frustrating. However, it remains a small price to pay for the experiences encountered, food eaten, and people met.

Being stuck on a plane for hours next to strangers is never ideal and flight attendant Kat Kamalani is trending for all the right reasons as she shares some tips travellers should know – like what not to do while travelling.

Kat has been sharing travel tips and cabin crew secrets over on TikTok and her latest video touches on mistakes travellers make while they’re actually on the plane – and how to avoid them.

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First, Kat unearths which traveller gets priority of the armrests during a flight. "Please, please do not be this person that makes this travel mistake,” Kat starts the video. “If you are sitting in the middle, you get both armrests, don't be that person who's sitting at the window, who gets the window plus this outer armrest and then takes the middle armrest."

She adds: "And don't be this guy either [in the aisle seat] who gets to go in and out all he wants and he takes this armrest and the other armrest. Middle gets middle armrests."


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Kat continues by saying that if you're sitting at the window, you are the one who gets to control the window panel, or blind. "This really sucks on red-eyes or early mornings, but if you're sitting at the window, you get to control the window panel,” Kat explains. "If you're not, unfortunately, you don't. They get to say. You can ask nicely, but if they don't want to, they don't have to."

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Finally, Kat touches on a topic which always ruffles feathers – pushing your seat back. Kat explains that her "unpopular opinion" is that as long as the plane isn't taking off or landing, you should go for it. "You get to put your chair back. You pay for that seat and airlines design it so you can lay your chair back,” she says. "Girl, put your chair back so you're more comfortable."

For more travel mistakes to avoid, check out the video from a seasoned traveller below:

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