Five Things You Need To Know As You Wake Up: FlySafair proposes longer weekends

Five Things You Need To Know As You Wake Up: FlySafair proposes longer weekends

Do you support the idea of moving public holidays?

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A happy midweek to you, you're almost there! We have a few stories to get you started this morning and one of them includes having longer weekends. We shall end with that one. 

Firstly, the eThekwini Municipality confirmed there are plans to repatriate Peten-Amun, the Egyptian mummy currently on display at the Durban Natural Science Museum. 

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This was revealed by eThekwini speaker, Weziwe Thusi, who said the City offered to repatriate the remains of a mummy, that is more than 2000 years old, to Egypt

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Egypt Travelers Guide

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China's parliament will consider legislation to punish parents if their young children exhibit "very bad behaviour" or commit crimes. The draft family education promotion law will be reviewed at the NPC Standing Committee session this week

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Online streaming entertainment service Netflix is inviting 2022 post-graduates pursuing film or TV qualifications to apply for a full scholarship. 

The scholarship is aimed at helping black, Indian, and coloured students studying for film, TV and/or AV qualifications at a South African higher education institution.

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Dr Reuel Jethro Khoza has been appointed as the new chancellor of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN).

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School of Built Environment and Development Studies

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And here we are! 

South Africa’s low-cost airline, FlySafair, wants the Public Holidays Act to change by moving midweek off-days to Monday or Friday. Long weekends promote travel and this change will aid in the tourism sector’s recovery efforts. What do you think about this? 

Send a WhatsApp voice note to 061 792 9495.


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