Five Things You Need to Know As Wake Up: Bolt establish electric taxi option

Five Things You Need to Know As Wake Up: Bolt establish electric taxi option

Are we even ready for electric cars with this loadshedding? 


Happy Friday! You made it to the end of the week and it might actually just be a long weekend for most South Africans. 

Yes, this is because Monday is a public holiday! 

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That is our first story this morning - a reminder of the municipal elections taking place in the country on Monday, November 1. 

Whilst we count down to the day, loadshedding has been the most inconvenient thing in everyone's life as well. Do make sure to check which times you will be affected if you will be working from home that day. 

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South African cricketer Quinton de Kock has apologised for pulling out of a match against the West Indies after the team were told to all take the knee.  

Quinton said: "I've been called a lot of things as a cricketer. Doff. Stupid. Selfish. Immature. But those didn't hurt. Being called a racist because of a misunderstanding hurts me deeply.” 

Click here for his full statement. 

Quinton de Kock 22
Samson Phiri

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Tom Hanks has made a newlywed couple even happier on their wedding day! 

Diciembre and Tashia Farries were recently celebrating their big day on the beach at Santa Monica Pier in California when the festivities were crashed by none other than the Oscar-winning actor.

Watch it here: 

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On Monday morning at 7AM, '5 Colour Fitness - Season 7' launches and we will be the stars on the new season’s first episode! 

The show airs on SuperSport channel 209 on Monday morning, November 1, at 7AM and again at 5PM that evening. 

Here's a little teaser of what to expect: 

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The e-hailing company Bolt is bringing electric taxi options to South Africa, giving passengers the option to hail an electric or hybrid vehicle.

In their initiative to go green and be more environmentally-friendly, they are going one step further by introducing a fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles to South Africa. 

So on the app, Bolt will have a "green category" that will allow riders to select an electric or hybrid vehicle.

"We are looking to roll out a green taxi category in South Africa in the next few months, and plan to roll out green categories in other African markets," Bolt's regional director for Africa and Middle East, Paddy Partridge, told TechCrunch.

Very interesting, as we don't even have enough electricity in the country...



Main Image Courtesy: Bolt Facebook

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