Five hypothetical SA law changes that will leave you in tears

Five hypothetical SA law changes that will leave you in tears

East Coast Breakfast for President...

Hilarious SA laws
Hilarious SA laws/ canva

With great power comes great responsibility. Th upcoming elections are a serious topic around South Africa, but trust your East Coast Breakfast team to do what they do best... shed some light and humour on what's buzzing in Mzansi.

We are have searched not so far and not so wide to bring you some wacky hypothetical law changes that we would make. Take a look at the top five as shared by the East Coast Breakfast team:

  • Toll Free Tuesdays - All tolls are free on Tuesdays! 
  • A 3 day weekend, and a 4 day work week... balance. 
  • Community Service for people who microwave fish at the office. 
  • Make it illegal to sell slap chips without tomato sauce.
  • Anyone who eats a bunny chow or pizza with a knife and fork should do community service.

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With the South African elections around the corner, it is important to use your right to vote and stay informed.  

This year, voters will be handed three ballot papers: the National Compensatory ballot, the National Regional ballot, and the Provincial Legislature ballot.

This vote will determine the government for the next five years. Make your mark and let your voice be heard.


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