KZN listeners share some of the most bizarre sandwich combinations!

KZN listeners share some of the most bizarre sandwich combinations!

Hope can be restored for lovers of the spread...

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The nation was left devastated when Pioneer Foods reported that they would be discontinuing Redro and Pecks fish paste.

The iconic spreads were widely loved but also known for being an acquired taste. 

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According to reports, the company stopped production and discontinued the sale of the fish paste products in December last year.

In a piece published by the Daily Maverick, veteran journalist Maggs says the manufacturer should have eased us into the huge transition. 

Yes, there are plenty of nostalgic childhood memories linked to the anchovy-based spread. We have to forge forward together. 

One way to do this is to explore new sandwich combination possibilities. 

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You could try out the following: 

  • Peanut butter, bacon and bananas
  • Baked bean French toast sandwiches

  • Dandelion leaves, endives, sliced radishes, cream cheese, raw onion, mustard.
  • Tinned Sardines or Pilchards, seaweed, Worcestershire sauce.

  • Sausages, raw onion, marmalade or sliced fresh apple.
  • Sliced fried potatoes, liver pate, cranberry jelly, French mustard.

Have a listen to some of the weird combinations we got from KZN listeners: 

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All thanks to the amazing food blog Delishably for some of these combinations. 

We want to hear from you what other sandwich combinations are delicious. Let us know on 061 792 9495 via WhatsApp as SASKO will be joining us and we're going to try them. 

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