Father-daughter duo leave us anxious with these tricks

Father-daughter duo leave us anxious with these tricks

The tricks the father and daughter have been doing have left the internet freaking out.

father and daughter stunts
Screenshot: Instagram: @rolandp90x

According to E! Online, Roland Pollard and his four-year-old daughter Jayden have been posting their practice sessions of their cheer stunts on Instagram - sending anxiety levels into overdrive.

The little girl has been doing stunts since she could walk. Now at the age of four, she's started taking it seriously.

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The super talented little girl even got a thumbs up from the Navarro College squad, who are on Netflix's 'Cheer': "My newest commitment for 2034!!! Let's go Jayden! I'm getting your uniform ready." 

The dad, who works seasonally, is due back at work in July. During his time off he decided to post a video which received lots of attention. He said that she's super talented and is absolutely fearless.

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We think the little star is destined for great things!

Watch it here:

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