WATCH: Fascinating AI robot named 'Spot' joins the University of Johannesburg

WATCH: Fascinating AI robot named 'Spot' joins the University of Johannesburg

This mesmerising invention was introduced by the university's Vice-Chancellor on their Twitter platforms.

Spot - UJ mobile robot

We are slowly moving into 'the future'. That future where cars can drive themselves, where we can simply all work from home as a business/company, and have robots among us. 

The most recent event at the acclaimed University of Johannesburg saw a mobile robot being launched and introduced on Tuesday afternoon by the university's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tshilidzi Marwala, and some of their management.

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The university had subtly teased earlier on social media that they would be exploring artificial intelligence. On their Twitter account, UJ News, the pinned tweet anyone who visits their page will come across features an article titled, 'How three AI technologies can sharpen a company's strategic edge'. 

The article looks at the ways in which businesses and organisations should look towards the inclusion of AI technologies in their operations. 

And they brought in an exciting new addition to their school. Take a look here: 

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They describe the tasks that they hope the AI techonology will complete on the university's premises.

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South African Twitter brought their usual humour following a close up video of Spot. Because of its familiar movement mirroring some students' activism moments in the past, they had some funny questions for the Prof following the post.

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Some shared their anxiety and discomfort with the robot, bringing up an episode of 'Black Mirror' that sees the human race being wiped out. 

Nevertheless, we celebrate the innovation and the new technology South Africans are experimenting with. 

It definitely elevates our experience and standards when placed against other advanced universities internationally. 

We cross our fingers that we don't get wiped out by 'Spot', though.

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