Elon Musk's new humanoid robot can complete your daily tasks

Elon Musk's new humanoid robot can complete your daily tasks

A robot in human form is to be created.

Tesla robot

On Friday August 20, Tesla were to host their Tesla AI Day presentation at 5pm Pacific Time. Ahead of it that morning, they teased an interesting development the tech company was working towards. 

A humanoid robot. Take a look: 

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The 'future' we all grew up expecting might just be arriving with this new bot. Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk shared that these robots would not pose any significant danger to the human race. 

But that is a little hard to believe, especially with movies such as 'I, Robot'. The number one anxiety becomes: "Will the bots try and overturn the human race and take over the world?" 

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What is one to expect from the AI-powered humanoid robot? 

The robot which has been codenamed, 'Optimus', will be able to do a range of activities like "eliminating dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks." This is according to Musk in his presentation explaining the bot's capabilities. 

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The robot will be in human form and will weigh 57kg and be 1.7m tall. It will be able to carry 20kg and move as fast as 8km per hour. It would also have five robot fingers on each hand and “a screen displaying useful information” in the form of a face.

Musk further shared in his presentation that the robot would have a “profound” impact on the economy and possibly end a shortage of labour.

Now, that sounds a little scary. Do we want that? What about people's jobs? 

Well, we can only hope that when 'Optimus' is finally completed it would simply and truly be of aid and not a danger to our species. 

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Watch the rest of the presentation here: 

The future has officially arrived! 

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