Fake viral doctor Matthew Lani has been apprehended

Fake viral doctor Matthew Lani has been apprehended

Lies will always catch up with you...

Fake viral 'Doctor' Matthew Lani
Fake viral 'Doctor' Matthew Lani / TikTok

It's not every day that there's a scandal in Mzansi that involves viral impersonation, but when it does, it's bound to make national headlines.

Matthew Lani is a popular TikToker who has been caught out for fraud. Not only did he allegedly steal the identity of a real doctor, but he also spread questionable medical advice on his popular platforms. 

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As reported by ECR NewsWatch, the infamous TikTok doctor's qualifications came under the spotlight in recent months - with social media users questioning his credibility. 

Institutions, including Wits University Cambridge International College and the Health Professions Council of South Africa, all distanced themselves from him.

His web of lies finally came to an end when he was apprehended in a hospital... how fitting.

Check out how he was caught as he entered the Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg last night while wearing a stethoscope.

In a video making the rounds on social media, Matthew Lani is captured admitting to his actions and asking for forgiveness.

"Lani was caught just before 20:00, disguised in a hoodie and wearing a surgical mask with a stethoscope around his neck. He had previously entered the same facility to curate misleading content under the pretence that he was a qualified doctor," Gauteng Health Department spokesperson Motalatale Modiba told News 24.

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