"Are clothes safe to wear again after going out or should they be washed?

'Are clothes safe to wear again after going out or should they be washed?'

Often times we go out and not know if we have contracted COVID-19 or not - which is why we are advised to sanitise regularly. But what if we go out for a short while? Will putting a jacket or item of clothing back in the wardrobe contaminate the rest of your clothes?

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Virus hunter and virologist, Prof Tulio de Oliveira, has been giving his scientific and expert advice to the listeners of KZN's no.1 Hit Music Station on various COVID-related issues. 

KZN has been curious about clothing items being contaminated after a day out. Is it necessary to wash every item of clothing before putting it back in the wardrobe?

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Other questions Prof Tulio de Oliveira answered included: 

On which part of the body should temperatures be taken? 

If you contract COVID during pregnancy, will the fetus be affected and does it increase the chances of a miscarriage?

Darren Maule also wanted to know an important piece of information that has been trending on social media about the CDC numbers in America. The term “Only 6%” trended widely on Twitter over the weekend as supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory promoted tweets that falsely suggested the CDC had updated its records to show that only 6% of U.S. deaths tied to COVID-19 were legitimate.

Listen to the podcast below for all of Prof Tulio de Oliveira's answers.

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