WATCH: South Africa has a Drake lookalike making waves!

WATCH: South Africa has a Drake lookalike making waves!

Wait, is Drake in South Africa doing the 'Zotata Challenge'?

Drake lookalike goes viral with ‘Zotata’ amapiano challenge.
A TikTok video of a local Drake lookalike doing the popular “Zotata” challenge has been going viral on social media this week. Image: Music video director Darion4K.

Drake has a lookalike right here in Mzansi!

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According to IOL, a TikTok video of a person who does look a lot like Drake has gone viral. In the video, 'Drake' performs the popular Zotata Challenge.

Black Label Papi is his name, and going viral is clearly his game.

Here's the video that's gone viral on social media:

@blacklabelpapi_ Zotata #drake #zotatachallenge #zotata ♬ Zotata - Justin99

'Black Label Papi' is a play on Drake’s Instagram handle, @ChampagnePapi.

The original video from Black Label Papi is currently sitting on over 1.5-million views.

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It turns out that Black Label Papi is in fact Darion4, a music video director known for his work directing music videos for some of the country's biggest stars.

'Ungazincishi' by the late Riky Riky and 'Osama' by Zakes Bantwini form part of his portfolio.

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Main image attribution: TikTok/ Black Label Papi

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