Does hydroxychloroquine really cure Covid-19? Prof Oliveira weighs in

Does hydroxychloroquine really cure Covid-19? Prof Tulio de Oliveira weighs in

After videos of a doctor in America claiming there is a cure for this global pandemic went viral, Darren, Keri, and Sky's listeners asked virus hunter, Prof Tulio de Oliveira, to give his scientific advice about these reports.

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There is a lot of media going around that suggests hydroxychloroquine in combination with zinc and Zithromax is proving to be not only a treatment for Covid-19, but also prevention of the virus. If there is truth to these statements, and if countries overseas are starting to make this combination a prescription to the treatment of Covid-19, why are we not at least looking into this possibility? If we are, what is the current progress?

The simple answer from Prof Tulio de Oliveira is that there is no cure for the virus. He further explained that these reports have led to more fake news about the cold guard throat spray being 98% effective in deactivating the virus within 20 mins - which was also a question from one of our listeners.

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The professor also addressed the following questions:

Does humidity also reduce the active nature of the virus and denture the active proteins in the virus thus destroying it?

What if you have to wait a month before you receive your test results? 

Can the microwave kill the virus?

Can you get the coronavirus while taking a walk on the road (pavement) without my mask on? And if the area is not busy, is it necessary to wear a mask on the road?

For all of Prof Tulio de Oliveira's replies, listen to the podcast below:

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