Can your blood type protect you from COVID-19?

Can your blood type protect you from COVID-19?

As the Coronavirus continues to spread in South Africa and around the world, misconceptions about the various preventative measures we ought to take are also spreading. To dispel or approve them is virologist and virus hunter, Prof Tulio de Oliveira.

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Health minister Zweli Mkhize issued a warning that KwaZulu-Natal is headed to becoming the next Covid-19 epicentre as the province's surge in infections continues. As of 22 July 2020, South Africa has 373,628 confirmed cases as the death toll climbs to 5,173. Gauteng is still the hardest-hit province with 136,879 confirmed cases, while KwaZulu-Natal has 45,614 cases. The Minister said the health department's goal is to make sure the province does not have a shortage of beds or oxygen.

In light of the above information from Minister Mkhize, Darren, Keri, and Sky opened the lines to give you a chance to ask your corona-related questions. 

The first caller wanted to know if it is true that getting the flu regularly can protect you from COVID-19. This question was followed up by Darren's question in relation to wide-spread information advising us to take the flu-shot because it will protect us from the virus.

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Other questions that came through:

Does your blood type determine whether you are protected from the virus or not?

Is it true that drinking hot beverages with lemon will help to kill the virus?

Does your stomach acid kill the virus?

If you are living with a COVID-19 patient, are you supposed to continue with everyday life?

Can you get the virus from eating contaminated food? For example, restaurant food that an infected person coughed on.

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For Prof's answers on these questions, listen to the full Q&A below:


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