DKS Highlights of the Week

DKS Highlights of the Week

It's been a rollercoaster of a week on KZN's only version of breakfast radio that matters.

Highlight Moments for DKS

In the second week of June, Sky almost falls off the wagon on his sober challenge, Darren celebrates his 49th birthday, and it ends with a helicopter broadcast with Keri and Sky on Friday morning - it's been a great one. 

When we returned on Monday, it looked as though Sky might have fallen off the wagon with his 30-day Dry June challenge, only making it to six days. He sent a picture to the Whatsapp group sharing how his rugby game cost him his hamstring, as a result he had to have a drink. The rest of the team were hoping it's not true so we wanted to confirm whether his journey was truly short-lived.

We decided to give his coach a call:

So the week's events escalated when Darren Maule celebrated his 49th birthday. A very light, bright, and energetic morning we had in studio. He got surprise visits from two brands that he also absolutely adores -  Suncoast Casino, Hotels and Entertainment and from the Beverly Hills Hotel, with so many special gifts, including a waffle cake.

The highlight of his gifts though was a very specific special gift from Keri and Sky. 

Have a listen to what they call this exotic-looking golf shirt: 

When you thought it could not get anymore eventful, we finally ticked off the last piece of the prizes that Jemimah won for the Last Kid Standing spelling bee. We delivered breakfast for the entire 4th grade but we did not do it in a normal Vito or Iveco, we had ProSecure transport us on a helicopter to Phoenix, Whetstone Primary School. 

We might have been way too excited for this helicopter ride and forgotten why exactly we are taking this trip. 

Well, fortunately we had the food delivered on land in a motor vehicle with the rest of our ECR team. 

When the week ended, we had so many beautiful moments to reflect on. From practising discipline and commitment, to a celebration of life concluding with celebrating a young girl's determination to reach for the stars, whatever it takes. 

Then the best news came through early Saturday morning; our very own Darren Maule went from single Maule to #MarriedMaule in the snap of a finger. Pictures of his and Anna's ceremony flooded social media and many congratulations poured from all over the country. Find the full story of Darren and Anna's wedding here.

As long as we have been DKS, our weeks are always worth remembering and waking up in the morning for! 


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