DKS Highlights of the Week: The Roast of Darren Maule

DKS Highlights of the Week: The Roast of Darren Maule

A laughter-filled morning at ECR as we enjoyed The Roast of Darren Maule. 

Darren Maule
East Coast Radio

We kicked off this week with an amazing contribution to a deserving business-owner. Riette Benett was the special recipient of Darren's Tip Jar on Monday; firstly because it had been extended. 

The other reason that made hers special was the surprise that had for her and her business - a whopping R50,000. 

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We had started the Tip Jar sharing a contribution of R5,000 to business owners, artists, chefs and everyone who found themselves stranded after the pandemic's multiple lockdowns. We continued right through the KZN unrest and changed our call to include people who had also been affected by the loss of employment and the loss of their businesses and establishment. 

There are so many people whose lives have been lightened a little, thanks to Darren's Tip Jar. That was the whole point for him. He wanted to share a little bit to those who might unfortunately having a hard time getting income - something he has experienced long, long time ago.

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Everyone wondered how Darren got hired. Well, find out in this podcast as he had a chat with his former Programming Manager - someone who believed in him. He was able to help him from inexperienced radio personality to award-winning breakfast show host. 

For your curiosity, here is Naveen Singh telling it all: 

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We then had the chance to hear from Darren's wife -Anna Kelly Maule - who ended Darren's Decade 10-Part Pod Series on a high note. In a quirky, fun and honest Q+A, she helps us get to know and understand Darren in almost all aspects of his life.

The 15-min podcast has been quite popular and we can't help but hype you to go to listen to it if you haven't. 

Listen here:

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What's a louder bang than ours when we shut it down with The Roast of Darren Maule? None. 

We had so much fun having our fellow ECR presenters grill our beloved Darren Maule; only because of course he had more spice and more fire for all 6 of them. If you missed it, shame. Just kidding, you can catch it here

It's been amazing, July. Goodbye. 


Main Image Courtesy: East Coast Radio

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