A chef and a yoga instructor get some relief from Darren's Tip Jar

A chef and a yoga instructor get some relief from Darren's Tip Jar

When we make these contributions from Darren's Tip Jar, it truly to touch the lives of those who need a little light in their lives. 

Yoga Instructor

Not only artists and people in the hospitality industry were affected by the pandemic and the different levels of lockdown. Yoga instructors also suffered the brunt of not having work for most of last year and now again as we are back to Level 4. 

This is what made Graham Montanari nominate Samantha Patterson, a yoga instructor. Their kids go to the same school and they have been able to get to know each other through them. When describing Sam, Graham says, "She is a mother of 4, with the biggest, softest and most loving heart". 

So with schools closing due to the lockdown and no extra mural activities, she has been left with no income and has struggled to pay rent among other necessities. Without any other source of income she has had to receive food parcels from friends to feed her kids. 

Listen further for Samantha's situation. She also cries tears  of joy and gratitude when she learns why we called her: 

Another person whose Thursday morning started on  a good note was Jizayne Jiawon who is a professional chef. 

He was nominated by Tremaine Govender after his contract was terminated twice last year by two different companies. Ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic it has affected the hospitality industry immensely and it has been very hard for him as someone who has big ambitions of one day opening his own restaurant. 

We give a little bit of hope to this future Gordon Ramsey and he is elated to receive it: 


Main Image Courtesy: Samantha Patterson

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