UPDATE: Shocking twist for woman who tattooed BF's name on forehead

UPDATE: Shocking twist for woman who tattooed BF's name on forehead

A forehead declaration that went wrong!

Woman regrets her tattoo on forehead
Woman regrets her tattoo on forehead / TikTok screenshot

Is love skin deep? One woman shared her unwavering commitment after getting a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name on her forehead.

A bold and passionate woman, Ana Stanskovsky, recently took the term "wear your heart on your sleeve" quite literally. In a move that raised eyebrows and sparked conversation, Ana decided to get her boyfriend's name, Kevin, tattooed on her forehead.

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Does love know no bounds or would someone do anything for likes? Check it out:

@tattooajb Omg 🫣 #tattoo #ink #art ♬ som original - TATTOOS - AJB

The viral footage captures Ana wiping off the supposed real tattoo. As you can imagine, the public is outraged, as many were led to believe this tat was legit. 

“The fact that people thought this was real is wild,” a woman wrote.

Ana has chosen to use her platform to educate youngsters on "avoiding tattoos at all costs" as she, a tattoo enthusiast, has many tattoos that she regrets. Check out the video here:

@anastanskovsky I regret my tattoo 😔 #facetattoo #tattoo ♬ original sound - Ana Stanskovsky

Prior to this reveal, Stanskovsky stood firm, insisting that her tattoo was genuine. "Yes, it's real," she affirmed online. "I can't even believe it myself that I did it," alleged Ana.

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There have been efforts by a tattoo artist named Kevin (another Kevin) to debunk this video. Have a look and let us know your thoughts:

@screenshothq The viral forehead ‘tattoo’ of boyfriend’s name might not be all it seems! Kevin Paul, who has tattooed the likes of Harry Styles, Rihanna and Ed Sheeran, says: ‘It’s 100% fake. It’s literally black marker pen.’ But despite the backlash, Ana has doubled down with a second video, insisting she loves her new ink😬 #kevinfacetattoo #anastanskovsky #facetattoo #tattooshopstories #tattooremovalexperts ♬ LOVER BOY - Billie Dale

Whether this tattoo is fake or not, one thing is certain....

It is truly jarring. Don't get any ideas now!

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