#DarrensSummerDetox: The Berry Springer Show smoothie is definitely a hit!

#DarrensSummerDetox: The Berry Springer Show smoothie is definitely a hit!

We are four days into Darren Maule's 14-day summer detox challenge, which means we have ten days to go.

Darren's Berry Springer Show smoothie
Darren Maule

On Wednesday, there was a comment on our Instagram saying, “It’s easy to lose weight if you have the time and the bucks”. Darren has put it on record and continues to remind us that his smoothies are affordable and all of the health tips are things you can do without a gym membership.

Today’s health tip is definitely free: Think "Healthy Lifestyle", not "Diet" - Your brain knows there is a difference! 

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For the Berry Springer Show, you will need:

Strawberries and Blueberries and you must shout “Berry, Berry” while you drop it in the blender.

You can use the leftover Almond Milk from yesterday’s Miley Citrus.

Drop some Beetroot in.

Lastly, 'The Jerry Springer Show' and The Berry Springer Show wouldn't be complete without a bunch of Nuts.

The strawberries are such a nice addition. It’s so delicious that it feels like it should be more unhealthy, but it’s a great tool to protect your heart as it’s high in fibre and low in cholesterol. Beetroot is also amazing - it’s cheap and if it’s in a jar it can last for years. Just don’t wear white pants when you eat beetroot.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Darren Maule

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