#DarrensSmoothieDetox: Your body will feel 'Younger Now' with the Miley Citrus smoothie

#DarrensSmoothieDetox: Your body will feel 'Younger Now' with the Miley Citrus smoothie

It's day three of Darren Maule's 14 day summer detox challenge - and we can't stop!

Darren's Miley Citrus smoothie
Darren Maule

Losing weight is not easy, which is why it is advisable not to give up once you've taken the first step to a healthy lifestyle.  

With Darren's Summer Detox, you have a little help along the way to make your journey easier. 

Today, Darren shares the Miley Citrus smoothie. 

For this you need Almond Milk, Banana, Ice, Orange, and Mango.

You can use the leftover Mango from Tuesday's Wiz-Kale-Lifa smoothie and the leftover banana from Monday's E-Mint-Em. 

Ice is free, so you can use the money saved on this ingredient to buy some almond milk. It’s low in calories and it’s vegan friendly and dairy free.

The Orange, obviously, puts the citrus in the Miley Citrus Smoothie. Oranges are great to regulate your blood pressure, keeps your skin healthy, boosts your immune system, and can lower your cholesterol.

This is such a nice smoothie for a hot day and remember today’s tip: Deliberately park at the spots furthest away from the entrance of a building so you have to walk a bit further. Get more details on Darren’s Summer Detox on ecr.co.za, especially if you are getting ready for the Summer Body Bootcamp with Clicks on the 28th of November.

IMAGE CREDIT: Darren Maule

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