Darren Maule shows you how to keep fit during isolation

Darren Maule shows you how to keep fit during isolation

Videos of what people are doing in the confines of their home have been going viral, and Darren Maule decided to do one of his own.

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Screenshot: Facebook: Darren Maule

Due to the Coronavirus, normal life has seized to exist. Many around the world have shared videos online showing others what they have been getting up to since being in lockdown.

Darren Maule decided to try one of the videos he found online. So, if you miss your treadmill workout, then this is for you to keep up with your daily running or walking routine. 

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All you will need is a kitchen counter, dishwashing liquid, and 10ml of water. Squirt a little dishwashing liquid on to the floor, add the 10ml of water, and smear it around with your foot.

Position yourself in a comfortable spot on the soapy water on the floor, hold onto the counter firmly, and easily start walking, increase your speed if you want an intense workout.

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Try it, you can thank us later.

Watch it here: 

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