This couple can now secure a home, all thanks to Darren's Tip Jar

This couple can now secure a home, all thanks to Darren's Tip Jar

It is so painful being unable to provide for your family. We tried to help a couple in this situation and we hope during this time they will be able to do small things for themselves. 

Shaz and Juanita are today's recipients of Darren's Tip Jar

This cold Friday morning was kicked off with us sharing happiness and making the hearts of certain KZN residents warm. 

Shaz Dorfling is one of those people. She and her boyfriend were nominated by her mother, Shirley van der Merwe, as they had been severely affected by COVID-19. They were forced to move in with friends because of the multiple lockdowns last year. Right when they were getting some stable work to move back into their place, we were hit with a Level 4 lockdown again. They are now faced with being unable to pay their rent once again, as well as their other bills.

Shirley had initially been one to offer them help but since the petrol station she worked at got bombed last week, she is also without work for a while. 

From the time we had Shaz on the line, she was emotional and filled with gratitude:

Juanita Smalberger also got to feel the warmth of Darren's Tip Jar this morning. 

She is an icing artist who is currently unemployed after working at Cakes Divine in Margate. When they closed down due to COVID-19 restrictions, she was without a source of income. Although she has tried to make ends meet by having people place private orders with her, there are not enough orders being placed to make enough for her and her fur babies. 

Tammy Smalberger and Juanita both shared their joy and appreciation for Darren's Tip Jar: 

We have loved celebrating Darren's Decade in such a meaningful way. truly helped us make a huge change in people's lives right now. 

Luckily, Darren chose to extend the date for the last nomination to be on Monday. So, you can still get yourself or someone you know nominated to receive a little contribution to make this time lighter.

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