Celebrating 10 Years Of Darren Maule

Celebrating 10 Years Of Darren Maule

Darren Maule is celebrating 10 years as the Breakfast show host on East Coast Radio! This July, we're celebrating this milestone event in a big way and you're invited to the party, too. This month we give back, laugh a lot, and find out more about the evolution of the man himself, Darren Maule.

Darren's Decade
East Coast Radio

This July, Darren Maule is celebrating 10 years as the Breakfast show host on East Coast Radio! 

We will be looking back at Darren’s past 10 years on ECR (#DarrensDecade), reveling in the highs and engaging with the people who Darren has made a huge impact on - and who he has been impacted by, too.

At East Coast Radio, we always go BIG!

We will be celebrating this milestone event in 3 BIG ways:

o   Darren's Tip Jar - proudly supported by Lottoland.co.za

Giving back has always been something close to East Coast Radio's heart, so we teamed up with our wonderful friends Lottoland.co.za to give a helping hand to those unable to earn an income during Level 4 lockdown restrictions. 

Click here to recap all the beautiful Darren's Tip Jar moments that you may have missed!

o   Darren's Decade Podcast Series

Have you ever wanted to really get inside the mind of Darren Maule and listen to him open up about his past? This incredibly powerful 10-part podcast series will document Darren's journey as he sits down with the people who have seen him through the best and worst times in his life. Find out more about this exclusive podcast series.

o   The Roast of Darren Maule

We all know just how much Darren loves a good punchline, but can he handle one being thrown his way? Get ready to laugh out loud as Keri Miller, Sky Tshabalala, Carol Ofori, Vic Naidoo and many more fired shots in The Roast of Darren Maule. 

Watch the Roast by clicking here and don't miss out because the chickens came home to roost, Darren.

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